The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is Bigger and Better!

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County (H5C) is now the San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber. Founded in 1985 to unite the community, merchants, and California legislators in producing positive growth across the 19 cities of Contra Costa County, the Hispanic Chamber is now advocating on behalf of the SF Bay Area community at the social, economic, and political levels.

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber is to develop, enhance and promote valuable business opportunities for its members while providing a special emphasis on promoting education, cultural awareness and access to resources for the Hispanic Community and the 7 million Bay Area residents at large.

With the support of the community and our members, the Hispanic Chamber has become an award-winning organization and platform for small businesses’ voice, opinions, and concerns to be heard by elected officials during legislative events, and we frequently carry the community’s messages directly to Sacramento and Washington D.C.

If you’re looking to grow your business and find a partner to help you succeed, join the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce!

Supporting Community, Commerce, and Government
in Creating Positive Change for the Bay Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the old CCC chamber?

In December of 2019, the San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was formed to support the social equity programs formerly run by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County, and to expand the work of the organization Bay Area-wide. Under the leadership of Hispanic Chamber President, Evodio “Vo” Walle, the efforts of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of CCC grew to span two counties, including CCC’s neighbor, Alameda County. After a few years of running the two organizations in tandem, with the same Leadership Board, the next logical growth step was to either form an East Bay organization to permanently unify the counties, or to expand the footprint to pave the path for the next era of growth. This inflection point is what led to the sunsetting of the old organizations, and the formation of the new San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which now serves 9 counties and 101 cities.

Does the old CCC organization still exist?

The operations of the old Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County (H5C.ORG) and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County are now managed by San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFBAYHCC).

Is there another organization taking the place of the CCC Hispanic Chamber?

There are many Hispanic and Latino organizations serving the CCC and Alameda County region, including some new ones focusing on business. We encourage the community to support these organizations and foster collaboration between the groups. The San Francisco Bay Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce works collaboratively across the Bay Area region, and supports other organizations where it can.

Which organization(s) should I join?

We usually encourage everyone to attend events at each organization to find the right culture fit for them. Organizations can differ in important areas such as mission, vision, and values, so we advise getting involved informally before joining. Oftentimes, it makes sense to join multiple organizations to achieve one’s community engagement goals.